08 May 2007


This old photo shows a portion of Wesleyville.
Can anyone comment on who owns these houses, and which ones are still standing?
What name would you put on this particular bend of the road?


Lily May said...

I was excited to find these photos of Wesleyville. My husband Gerald Stanford son of Captain Alphaeus Stanford was born and raised in Wesleyville. I don't know if you or anyone else may have some pictures relative to the Stanford family. I am putting a scrapbook together for our children. I was born in the US but did visit there in 1953 and our daughter was born in Brookfield at the Cottage hospital there in Jan 1954.
Thanks, Lily May Stanford

coptercaptain said...

Isn't it amazing how maturity of years brings about a zeal to understand the roots of our past? My name is Captain (aviation)Gerald Alphaeus Stanford grandson of Captain Alphaues Stanford of Welseyville and Bona Vista Bay. He skippered the Prima Vista before her demise in a storm. Lily May Stanford is my mother. I did notice my mother left no contact information. Kindly allow me to remedy that. Lily May Stanford's email address is lilymay.stanford@yahoo.com and mine, Gerry Stanford, is coptercaptain@aol.com. If you have any pictures of my grandfather or of the Prima Vista we would dearly love to hear from you.
Clear Skies, G.Stanford


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