28 May 2007

The Wesleyville & Brookfield Auxilaries of the Women's Missionary Society. August 1905

Front row, left to right: Stalia Granter, Jemime Gaulton, Violet Carter, Mary Jane (Jen) Hann, Annie Winsor, Miss Cook (teacher).

Second row: Mrs. Ellen Sparkes, Unknown, Mrs, Abram Granter, Mrs, Peter Blackwood, Mrs. Dr. Levi Curtis, Mrs. Job (Virtue) Kean, Mrs. Polly Wells, Mrs. Jesse Winsor.

Third row: Mrs. Samuel Brenton, Mrs. Absalom Gaulton, Mrs. John Hann, Annie Winsor, Mrs. Rev. Sidney Bennett, Miss Penney (teacher), Mrs. Luke Gaulton, Mrs. Peter Gaulton, Mrs. Noah Andrews, Ms. Jennie Stanford.

Fourth row: Mrs. George Hann, Mrs. William Winsor Sr., Mrs. Jacob Winsor, Mrs. John (Sophie, or Grandma) Hann, Mrs. Rev. George Paine, Mrs. Peter Hann, Mrs. George Winsor, Mrs. Japeth Winsor, Mrs. Lewis Winsor, and Gertrude Winsor.

Note the two people peeking through the window at right.
Do you know which house this is taken in front of?
And is that Luke Gaulton's 1st wife, of Lukey's Boat fame?

Photo submitted by Carolyn Morgan.


Joy said...

So happy to see this picture. Some of my family ancestors "Hann" are shown.

Julie Kean Wheaton said...

I love this picture!! My great grandmother, Mrs. Job Kean (Virtue Hann) is in this photo. I am currently researching my family tree and would love any information that anyone may have regarding the Kean and Hann family trees.

Julie Kean Wheaton

Joy said...

Hi Julie. Would love to share family info with you. Contact me at jeffandjoy@rogers.com

Gambolian said...
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Gambolian said...

Absolutely LOve your Blog.One of the very best on the INternet to be sure.


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