16 August 2009

Some pictures from Baxter W. Kean's albums...

Baxter Wesley Kean was born in Brookfield in the 1890s to Job & Virtue (nee Hann) Kean. He continued the family business 'Job Kean: General Dealer' until his death in 1976. One of his grand-nieces has been scanning old pictures while doing some family research, and has shared with us... Please do leave your comments!

Baxter with his 1st cousin, Lester Barbour, c.WW1.

Here is Baxter's sister, Maggie, with her husband Baxter Barbour & their children.

Here is Job Kean Sr. with dog (Kip? Rip?) near his sawmill at Jobie Kean's Brook (Valleyfield).

Does anyone know who these children are? Perhaps some of Baxter's siblings or cousins?

The back of the photo reads: Pearl, Tricksy, B. W. K., Geo. It is taken just outside of Baxter's shop in Brookfield.

Brookfield with Baxter's house & shop in the far background, his brother Charlie's house in the next garden. A funeral perhaps?

Gramma Hann and one of her great-grandchildren(?) in Wesleyville. Sophia Hann was Baxter's maternal grandmother.

The church hall/school in Brookfield. This used to sit across the road from Ebenezer United Church.

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