14 August 2011

Snow Glasses


The Bonavista Regional Museum has an entire room dedicated to the fishery.  Although the artefacts displayed consist mostly of equipment and tools used on boats for locating and capturing certain types of fish or seals, depending on the season, a small number of other artefacts are personal tools used by the individual fishermen such as food containers, compasses, splitting knives, as well as others.

One interesting piece is called Snow Glasses (picture above). 

These types of glasses were used by men when they went on the seal fishery to protect their eyes from the blowing snow and bright sun reflecting off the ice. They accomplish this by being darkly shaded, like regular sunglasses, and have two semi-circular metal plates that fold out between the front of the ear piece and the face of the wearer to shield the eyes. The ear pieces and shields fold nicely into a protective case.   
These particular Snow Glasses were owned and used by Alfred Willie Hillier and donated by his son Edward (Sam) Hillier.

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Janet Davis said...

Thank you to Cindy Best, Museum Coordinator at the BNRM this summer, for that great post!


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