12 June 2012

Safe Harbour Excursion

One of many resettled communities in the Bonavista North area, Safe Harbour is a fantastic spot to explore if you can find someone to bring you there in a boat!

This photo was taken inside a small building.  Someone has painted a map of the area with a key showing who lived where, also the location of a one time whaling factory, cemeteries, etc.  The door was unlocked, and there is a guest book to sign inside too.  Whoever is responsible for this, thank you!  My little group enjoyed this very much.
For more information on Safe Harbour, have a look here: http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~cannf/bbnor_safeharbour.htm


Austin King said...

The person who who painted the map was me. I'm glad to see it's still in good condition. :)

- Austin.

Also check out http://friendsofsafeharbour.org/

Janet Davis said...

Wonderful! I should have guessed!

Dawn Langan said...

I found your site while researching my Mother's family. Her name was Ida Sturge (Bown) and her parents were Alfred and Beatrice. Her siblings were Martin, Peter, Trixie, Sophie and Verna. My Aunt Sophie married Sam King and my Uncle Peter married my Aunt Mary all of whom have passed. I did not grow up in Newfoundland but I have visited 3 or 4 times. My Mom passed this March 2014 and I miss her so much I feel my heart is breaking. If you now of any of her or her family I would love to hear from you at:
Thank-you. I would like to visit and bring my children to Safe Harbour in the future.

Gambolian said...

Hello Dawn,
I have some info for you on the STURGES of Safe Harbour. I am Roderick from Gambo, Newfoundland

Gambolian said...
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