08 May 2014

Answer the Call

Nine staff members from The Rooms were here on Wednesday night and Thursday morning, telling us about their plans to commemorate the 100th anniversary of WWI and collecting our stories and pictures of mementos.

Our collection has quite a few interesting pieces, which were photographed, scanned, and otherwise documented for possible future use.  Here are some photographs from a local story...

Aubrey Knee, husband of Carrie Kean, writes to his wife.
Job Kean Jr. is Carrie's brother, who died in 1915.
Captain Baxter Barbour was married to Maggie Marcella Kean, Carrie and Job's sister.

"Walking towards the (?) monument of World War I and going up the stone steps.  Front view and in the centre panel from top to bottom are the names of Capt. Bax and his officers and crew as close up snaps shows.  Your brother's name is 2nd from bottom name J. Kean.  Aub
I is the centre panel."

"This snap close up came up pretty good.  Panels on each side of centre are of other ships lost at sea.  Aub"

"This is snap of the crew and the 2nd name from the bottom as arrow points is J. Kean (Job).  How hard it seems to think that a boy of only 13 years of age giving his life at sea beside the Capt. he thought so much of- I thought of Job and the old horse Jerry.  He sure loved that old horse and Jerry liked Job.  How those fond memories came back so freshly.  Aub 1961"

From the plaque at Point Pleasant Park in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

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