03 January 2016


Charlotte, Augustus, & Ethel Winsor
These siblings from Wesleyville were the children of Daniel Winsor & Amelia Butt.
Photo from the Clifford Andrews Collection at the BNM&G


Janet Davis said...

Ethel was my great grandmother, married to Levi Davis. Their first son, Augustus Davis, was my paternal grandfather.

Great photo!

Captain Davis said...

Great pic!

Captain Davis said...

Great pic!

Anne (Winsor) Gosse said...

These are my first cousins, as their mother Amelia (Butt) Winsor and my grandmother Jane (Butt) Winsor were sisters. This photograph had to be taken in May or June 1918, as Edward Augustus signed up 27 May 1918 and sadly died on the 22 of June 1918 in the Military hospital in St. Johns. He contracted a severe case of measles, which was followed by an opportunistic pneumonia. It is so wonderful to have this photo! Thank you.


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