10 January 2016

Young Britons

Young Briton's Parade
Wesleyville, around 1940
From the Clifford Andrews Collection, BNM&G
Mr. Andrews has noted on the back of the photograph:
-Art Sturge
-Henry (or Harry?) Andrews
-Jack Mullett
-Ches Andrews
-Austin Hill

"Lodges of the Loyal Orange Young Briton Association (L.O.Y.B.A.) which currently only operate in the Provinces of Ontario, Quebec and Newfoundland were founded in 1881 as a Junior Branch of the Association, which membership is open to all Protestant young men between the ages of 12-25. It prides itself on being the initial training ground for the Orangemen of the future, and provides participation in various social, sporting and community activities."
~ http://bramptonlol5.webs.com/canadianorangefamily.htm 

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