20 March 2016

Wesleyville 1917

From the Clifford Andrews Collection, BNM&G
Clifford's notes on the back of the photograph:

Front (l to r): Mrs. Rev. Peter Tiller (Grace), son James, Clarence Tiller, and James Tiller (1840-1924)
Back (l to r): Rev. Peter Tiller and Bank Manager


Anne (Winsor) Gosse said...

Rev. Peter Tiller is my 2nd cousin 2x removed. He was the son of James Tiller (1842-1924)who is also in the picture,and Susan Green (1842-1915). Peter married Myrtle Grace Prentice in Dec 1914. They had five children. Peter died in Scarborough, Ontario in May 1954.

Gambolian said...

Susan Green Tiller was my great grandfathers 1st cousin. Her father John and g grandfathers father James Green were brothers from Ship Island and the sons of John and Elizabeth Green.

Gambolian said...

Susan Green Tiller was my great grandfather's 1st cousin. G grandfather being John Green (1843 - 1915) of James (1807 - 1881) and Susanna Cross Green (1822 - 1850)
of Ship Island.


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